Audio Copyright Claims in YouTube

I saw a previous topic back in 2020 about audio getting hit by copyright claims in YouTube, but it didn’t look like there was really a solution. I have tried multiple audio options from the library and they are all getting hit with copyright claims from HAAWK, one claiming it was their song and another claim they were making for a third party. Is there anything that can be done so we don’t get hit with these claims when we post our videos on our channels?

I did find this in YouTube:

It looks like this is a predatory practice by this site… lots of other videos on the same topic as well!


Thanks Beth! That’s awful and annoying, but I appreciate the info!

I would recommend making your videos with copyrighted music “private” on YouTube. Then you provide links to the videos for people you want to see them. Public viewing videos will be subject to “bots” scouring YouTube for copyright infringement.

The videos shouldn’t have any copyrighted content in them, which is the problem. They use audio straight from WeVideo that should be royalty-free and free to use.

The WeVideo Essentials library contains over 1,000,000 licensed stock media files that you can use without worrying about copyright. This collection of licensed video, image, and audio files is royalty-free, meaning you have the legal rights to use this content and there is no required attribution.